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With SEO optimization your website can reach the top 10 google results!

SEO optimization is currently the only way you can be present in the most raved, efficient and honorable advertising location in the world – the first Google page! Of course, to get here it takes a lot of work, determination, creativity, knowledge – both technical and business, in a word of a professional SEO promotion campaign. There are two ways you can get this: either call an agency specializing in providing quality SEO services, or become self-taught and try to succeed by yourself.

What is SEO (search engine Optimization) and what does optimization mean for search engines?

To better understand the term SEO, we must mention from the beginning that SEO is the acronym of “Search Engine optimization”. In EU it translates as follows: “Optimization for search Engines”. Since SEO is a still young concept we will not use words like “science” or “art”, or both – how many voices are rushing to assert. Instead, to try to define the process, we will simply say:


Search Traffic


Conversion Rate

Top 5 Keywords


Online Leads

Definition SEO Optimization

SEO optimization represents the practice of increasing the organic (natural, unpaid) traffic of a Web site and improving its quality through the organic results of the search engines.

What does the SEO optimization process consist of?

Since it is strictly related to search engines, we can say from the start that SEO is an extremely complex and dynamic process.

Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and others have now come to process on the one hand, billions of searches of internet users every day, and on the other side to search and identify in a giant database relevant answers to their queries. And this whole process is happening in real time.

Obviously, to choose from this huge database the most relevant results for users, search engines use complex indexing formulas and algorithms that take into account hundreds of criteria. Google For example informs us that the results of SERP are set with the help of at least 200 ranking factors. Moreover, constantly and these factors change the way they function and adapt to the new user requirements.

Google also signals that it has no less than 500-600 such annual changes. It is true that most are minor modifications, although over time we have experienced important updates as well as Fred Update. I think we understand now why SEO is a dynamic process.

We have such an overview of what is happening behind the search engines. In this context, SEO optimization tries to identify the formula by which the search engines combine these factors and set the hierarchy for the first results. Naturally, the ranking formula is strictly secretive and Google strives to maintain this secret.

However, Google gives us enough clues about how it works, and most importantly, we consistently repeat that all actions that determine the positions of the results have at their core – USER EXPERIENCE.

Thus, SEO agencies around the world analyze and constantly monitor how search engines operate to decipher the secrets behind them. Today, the SEO industry has developed numerous SEO (tool) tools with which it automatically monitors a large part of the criteria indicated by Google.

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