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With SEO optimization your website can reach the top 10 google results!

SEO optimization is currently the only way you can be present in the most raved, efficient and honorable advertising location in the world – the first Google page! Of course, to get here it takes a lot of work, determination, creativity, knowledge – both technical and business, in a word of a professional SEO promotion campaign. There are two ways you can get this: either call an agency specializing in providing quality SEO services, or become self-taught and try to succeed by yourself.

What is SEO (search engine Optimization) and what does optimization mean for search engines?

To better understand the term SEO, we must mention from the beginning that SEO is the acronym of "Search Engine optimization". In EU it translates as follows: "Optimization for search Engines". Since SEO is a still young concept we will not use words like "science" or "art", or both – how many voices are rushing to assert. Instead, to try to define the process, we will simply say:

Definition SEO Optimization

SEO optimization represents the practice of increasing the organic (natural, unpaid) traffic of a Web site and improving its quality through the organic results of the search engines.

What does the SEO optimization process consist of

Since it is strictly related to search engines, we can say from the start that SEO is an extremely complex and dynamic process.

Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and others have now come to process on the one hand, billions of searches of internet users every day, and on the other side to search and identify in a giant database relevant answers to their queries. And this whole process is happening in real time. Obviously, to choose from this huge database the most relevant results for users, search engines use complex indexing formulas and algorithms that take into account hundreds of criteria. Google For example informs us that the results of SERP are set with the help of at least 200 ranking factors. Moreover, constantly and these factors change the way they function and adapt to the new user requirements. Google also signals that it has no less than 500-600 such annual changes. It is true that most are minor modifications, although over time we have experienced important updates as well as Fred Update. I think we understand now why SEO is a dynamic process.

We have such an overview of what is happening behind the search engines. In this context, SEO optimization tries to identify the formula by which the search engines combine these factors and set the hierarchy for the first results. Naturally, the ranking formula is strictly secretive and Google strives to maintain this secret.

However, Google gives us enough clues about how it works, and most importantly, we consistently repeat that all actions that determine the positions of the results have at their core – USER EXPERIENCE.

Thus, SEO agencies around the world analyze and constantly monitor how search engines operate to decipher the secrets behind them. Today, the SEO industry has developed numerous SEO (tool) tools with which it automatically monitors a large part of the criteria indicated by Google. Here are the most important (used by our agency):

SEO Optimization Campaign Stages

Setting SEO Goals

The first stage of any marketing endeavor, whether online or offline, must be the goal setting. The SEO campaign, as an integral part of the online marketing strategy, is no exception. That's why the first step we make in designing an SEO promotion strategy is to determine what SEO goals we want to achieve.


  • "Increased sales of our clients and the development of their business"
  • "Increasing the overall visibility of the site"
  • "Increasing traffic volume"
  • "Development of the potential market by increasing the number of indexed keywords"


On Page Optimization

In the SEO Optimization stage on page, all actions focus on the site itself. Normally this stage should be started since the actual realization of the site if we are talking about new sites or sites that want to completely change their structure. This is the ideal case, because, based on a complete analysis of the market that will activate the site will have a SEO friendly structure from the beginning.


  • “User Experience”
  • "Analysis of crawling and indexing"
  • "Loading speed of the site"
  • "Analysis of the structure of existing product/service categories"


Off Page Optimization

At this stage all actions run outside the site and have as main purpose getting as many quality links naturally. According to the SEO dictionary prepared by – an authority in the field of online marketing – SEO off page "represents all the measures that can be taken outside the site in order to improve its positions in SERP (search engine results Page). All these measures help create as many quality backlinks as possible ".


  • “Link building”
  • “Guest blog posting”
  • "Press Release"
  • "Relevant articles in known publications or niche "


Monitoring, analysis and reporting

The SEO process is an extremely complex one with many technical components and that is why we pay special attention to this stage. We want each customer to understand how, why and for what purpose we perform each activity.

Because we want total transparency, all our clients benefit from detailed monthly reports and most importantly to those who wish we offer in our application permanent access to be able to track the evolution of the campaign in real time. In the application you can follow the most important indicators of the SEO campaign.


  • "Total transparency regarding the activities carried out."
  • "Monitoring the impact of the actions conducted in the SERP."
  • "Analyzing the results obtained every month "
  • "Monthly and detailed reports"

SEO Optimization of your website - a true catalyst of the business!

SEO is more than a marketing channel, more than just a simple optimization of a site. It's a business landmark, a benchmark if you want, a bussines model for entrepreneurs, a competitive advantage hard to emulated if implemented correctly and yes, we can go up to say that it can be an integral part of the organizational culture of any Companies. On the other hand, SEO means respect for consumers and social responsibility on the Internet through the content that we create and promote.

Awareness of the importance of the SEO process by the US and EU entrepreneurs and by all those who want to succeed on the Internet, and its impact in the success or failure of a business represents our mission.

Advantages of SEO Optimization

Until a few years ago, I heard all over the phrase "If you don't have a website for your business It means you don't exist!". The phrase was and is perfectly true, only the internet evolved so much that from the first website appeared in 1991 today was exceeded the psychological threshold of 1 billion sites. Basically, the number of websites is so great that we can say that "if your website does not appear on top of the results of your potential customers ' searches, then you don't exist."

In this context, the importance and role of the SEO optimization process become essential for the future of your business, regardless of whether you are active in commerce, tourism, construction, IT or health, your business needs to be as targeted in the environment Online.

The SEO promotion process is a continuous one with long-term positive effects and results. Still, we have to mention that once we get to the top it's important that we keep it there.

But let's see specifically what advantages can bring a campaign to optimize your SEO business:

SEO optimization helps to better target audience targeting

Better understanding of customer buying behavior is vital for your business! Interruption-based marketing – TV commercials during your favorite movie or show, the Internet banner that blocks your access to the desired page – has become quite unpleasant as the number of advertising messages that we have to bear in Every day has reached a fairly high level. Through SEO optimization campaigns clients are not in any way pushed from behind, they enter the Internet and search for products/services only when they need, without annoying them with all sorts of promotional messages.

Optimizing SEO allows us to align to Google performance standards

The main objective of the search engine is to provide the most relevant and complete responses (results) to users around the world. To do this, Google continuously perfects altgoritmii/robots that filter over a billion sites so that they always display the most appropriate answers to the millions of questions addressed to him. Thus, an SEO optimization campaign compels us to align our performance standards and increase the value of our website through the quality/quantity of content to keep up with Google's development.

SEO Optimization increases brand awareness

Think that Mr. John wants a vacation for him and his family, and in his multiple searches, no matter what destination or type of vacation he searches on the internet, on the front page, in 70% of searches appears a certain travel agency. Surely, the name of that travel agency will remain in the mind and the chances of that agency becoming Mr. John's holiday partner grow considerably. Moreover, the second time our tourist will be interested in a vacation will directly access the site of the agency!

Optimizing SEO has the best Return on investments

The best ROI of a marketing channel and the best conversion. This advantage comes as a corollary of the fact that users arrive on our website and not the other way around. Customers feel more comfortable this way and they will be more receptive and will buy much easier from us. Positioning in the top of the results means primarily more traffic on the site and of course more clients for your business. This is the main objective of the SEO optimization process.


SEO Off Page Optimization: How does Google know we exist?


In the optimization phase SEO off page all actions are carried out outside of the site and are primarily aimed at obtaining as many quality links as possible.

Moreover, according to the SEO diconnecologist established by the famous site, an authority in online marketing, SEO off page “represents all measures that can be taken outside the site in order to improve its positions on the results page. All of these measures help to create as many of the possible quality backlinks as possible”.

At this point the first obvious question appears. Why do you need so many links to ensure the site is as well positioned in the search engines?
For Google, as well as for other search engines – Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or Baidu – these links are basically the main way to differentiate the sites and to grant them better or better positions in the search results. All these links are seen by the search engines as trusted votes from the other sites.

The more votes and especially, the more votes from relevant strong sites, seen as real authorities in their field of activity, the better.

We can practically state that, in equal measure, the amount, diversity and quality are the three critical ingredients of a backlink campaign and thus of an off-page effective optimization campaign.

Naturally, now there are a lot of questions about how we can get these links.

  • Who trusts us to give us just the same links if we have a new site?
  • Which links are more relevant?
  • Can we get such links and for pay?
  • How do we choose the sites that we want to link to us?
  • What pages in our site should those links be?
  • What anchor should we use for these links?
  • And the list of questions can continue.

The answers to these questions are in fact all the off-page optimization strategy for any SEO optimization campaign.

However, the key question for all the cuto off page optimization is:
Why should a site, REGARDLESS of its relevance in the search engines, agree to quote us even more than to place a link to our site?
The answer is simple: Because we deserve!
And in order to deserve being quoted all over the internet we have to offer quality content. This is why we will continue to discuss about Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is a key element of the off-page optimization campaign


The concept of content marketing is not at all new. If we look deeper in the history of this concept we’ll see that its beginnings are in 1895 when the famous John Deere magazine launch its first magazine “The Fight” to its customers. This is one of the most illustrative examples of offline marketing.

Today, however, most marketing campaigns have moved to the online environment. It’s a natural step because our potential customers switched their attention and implicitly waste their time on the internet.

Next we will introduce the most effective ways of attention, efficiently distribute our content and gain as many links as possible:

Social Media

Facebook has managed in only a few years to gather over 1.5 billion users. All of them interact faster, easier, give attractive posts binders, and even part give share to see and share what content they like to like.

Google+, Instagram, and many other networks of this type help people interact more with the attention and time of potential clients Intuitive, much of the efforts of the content marketing campaign should be focused on social networking.

Creating and distributing infographic

Properly used can become one of the top tools to gain quality links. It is neither simple nor cheap to think and implement a quality graphic, but results can be beyond expectations.

Video Content

It’s already proven that people are processing video information much faster. Create an interesting film about your products/services, create your youtube, facebook or other media that will allow this and the results will not delay to appear.

Placing of relevant articles in known or niche publications

In a saturated world of information, the content we create must be of good quality and must be placed there are the highest chances to be read and appreciated.

In the same note as the SEO optimization on page, any action related to the off-page optimization process should empathize with our potential customers. We need to create that exciting content that interests them and place them where they spend most of their time.

The 5 methods listed above are only a part of off-page optimization. The optimization strategy off page will contain other elements such as: Relevant posts on forums, entries in specialized business catalogs, business Reviews etc. This will be a natural, organic one and the SEO results will be expected.