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With SEO optimization your website can reach the top 10 google results!

SEO optimization is currently the only way you can be present in the most coveted, efficient and honorable advertising location in the world – the first Google page! Of course, to get here you need a lot of work, determination, creativity, knowledge – both technical and business, in a word a professional SEO promotion campaign.


“StormSEO Vision: Daring, creativity, promptness and attention to detail define the SEO STORM agency in everything it does. All of our SEO agencies ‘ campaigns have their client in their center and are geared towards measurable results. We benefit from the most current SEO tools, we have statistics from more than 100 SEO campaigns deployed, we are partners with the best known bloggers/most famous publications and we will use all these resources to propelling your site in the top Search engines.”

Increase Online visibility through SEO

The SEO professionals team of the Storm SEO agency will provide the latest and most complete SEO strategies, so that your business is as visible in search engines as we can.

SEO-Increased traffic and conversions

It is statistically proven that SEO is the most effective online marketing channel, with organic traffic being highly targeted, generating the most conversions. Start a successful SEO campaign now!

Effective SEO Tools

We are aware and we have access to the latest and most effective SEO tools for real-time monitoring and measurement of the performance of online marketing campaigns! Take advantage!

SEO Audit

We perform a complete SEO audit of the factors that currently influence the positioning of the website, providing the diagnosis and solutions.

Data Analysis

We constantly monitor the results of SEO strategies, performance and improvement indicators according to the set objectives.

SEO Strategy

We develop effective SEO campaigns that will increase your online visibility and place you in the best positions on search engines.

The stages of the SEO optimization campaign

The SEO process is as important as it is complex and, because it takes into account almost all aspects of a business, it is advisable to be implemented in several stages.

Setting SEO goals

The first stage of any marketing approach, whether online or offline, must be goal setting. The SEO campaign, as an integral part of the online marketing strategy, is no exception. That is why the first step we take in designing an SEO promotion strategy is to establish what SEO objectives we want to achieve.

The performance indicators (KPI) that should be followed in the SEO optimization campaign refer both to the technical and indexability aspects and to the results that are directly related to the increase in the number of effective actions on the site, or more precisely to business development. community. Implementing goals in Google Analytics is crucial in order to track the effectiveness of the campaign.

Depending on the type of site, the objectives can mean generating leads by sending emails, increasing the number of calls, filling in a contact form, subscribing to the newsletter, downloading an e-book, etc.

On the other hand, SEO objectives must also refer to the technical part of the site. These objectives are closely related to the other objectives, the business ones. The site must be 100% healthy from an SEO point of view in order to perform on the business side as well. Such objectives refer to the number and quality of backlinks obtained, the number of indexed pages, the number of indexed words, the reduction of the number of 404 errors, etc.

“Increase sales and conversions”
“Increasing the general visibility of the site”
“Increasing the volume of organic traffic”
“Developing the potential market by increasing the number of indexed keywords”
“Increasing the authority of the site”
“Increasing the number of quality backlinks”
“Reduce the percentage of 404 errors below the threshold of 5% of the total pages”

On page optimization

In the on-page SEO optimization stage, all actions focus on the site itself. Normally this stage should start from the actual creation of the site if we are talking about new sites or sites that want to completely change their structure. This is the ideal case, because, based on a complete analysis of the market on which the site will be activated, it will have a seo friendly structure from the beginning.

“User Experience”
“Crawling and indexing analysis”
“Site loading speed”
“Analysis of the structure of existing product / services categories”

Off page optimization

In this stage all the actions take place outside the site and have as main goal the obtaining of as many quality links as possible naturally. According to the SEO dictionary compiled by – an authority in the field of online marketing – seo off page “represents all the measures that can be taken outside the site in order to improve its position in the SERP (search engine results page) . All these measures help to create as many quality backlinks as possible. “

“Content Marketing”
“Native advertising”
“Link building”
“Guest blog posting”
“Press Releases”
“Relevant articles in known or niche publications”

Monitoring, analysis and reporting

The SEO process is extremely complex, with many technical components and that is why we pay special attention to this stage. We want each client to understand how, why and for what purpose we carry out each activity.

Because we want total transparency, all our clients benefit from detailed monthly reports and most importantly to those who want, we offer permanent access to our application in order to be able to follow in real time the evolution of the campaign. In the application you can follow the most important indicators of the SEO campaign.

“Total transparency regarding the activities carried out.”
“Monitoring the impact of actions performed in the SERP.”
“Analyzing the results obtained every month”
“Monthly and detailed reports”
“Access to the SEO monitoring application for each client.”


The advantages of SEO optimization

Until a few years ago, I heard the phrase “If you don’t have a website for your business, it means you don’t exist!”. The phrase was and is perfectly true, only that the internet has evolved so much that since the first website appeared in 1991 today the psychological threshold of 1 billion websites has been exceeded. Basically, the number of websites is so large that we can say that “If your website does not appear in the top search results of your potential customers, it means that it does not exist.”

In this context, the importance and role of the SEO optimization process become essential for the future of your business, whether you are active in trade, tourism, construction, IT or health, your business must be as visible as possible in the online environment.

SEO optimization helps to better target your audience

A better understanding of customer buying behavior is vital to your business! Interruption-based marketing – TV commercials during your favorite movie or show, the banner on the internet that blocks access to your desired page – has become quite unpleasant as the number of commercials we have to endure every day has reached a fairly high level. picked up. Through seo optimization campaigns, clients are not pushed from behind in any way, they enter the internet and search for products / services only when they need them, without annoying them with all kinds of promotional messages.

SEO optimization allows us to align with google performance standards

The main objective of the search engine is to provide the most relevant and complete answers (results) to users around the world. To do this, Google is continually refining its algorithms / robots that filter out over a billion sites so that they always display the most appropriate answers to the millions of questions that are asked. Thus, an SEO optimization campaign forces us to align ourselves with the performance standards and to increase the value of our website through the quality / quantity of content in order to keep up with the development of Google.

SEO optimization increases brand awareness

Think that Mr. John wants a vacation for himself and his family, and in his multiple searches, no matter what destination or type of vacation he would search on the internet, on the first page, in 70% of searches a certain travel agency appears . Certainly, the name of that travel agency will remain imprinted in his mind and the chances that that agency will become Mr. John’s holiday partner increase considerably. Moreover, the second time when our tourist is interested in a vacation he will directly access the website of that agency!

SEO optimization has the best return on investment

The best ROI of a marketing channel and the best conversion. This advantage comes as a corollary of the fact that users come to our website and not the other way around. Customers feel much more comfortable in this way and as such will be much more receptive and will buy much easier from us. Positioning in the top of the results means first of all more traffic on the site and of course more customers for your business. This is the main goal of the SEO optimization process.

What does SEO mean?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO optimization of a website is the process by which the increase of organic traffic from Search Engines is aimed.

What are the stages of the SEO optimization process?

The SEO process comprises four important stages:

  • Complete SEO audit and setting SEO objectives
  • SEO optimization of all elements of On Page
  • Off Page SEO Optimization – more precisely the increase of the authority and notoriety of the site in the online environment
  • Monitoring and analysis of results
What are the advantages of SEO optimization?

The main advantages of SEO optimization are:

  • Generating targeted and quality organic traffic
  • Represents the online marketing channel with the highest ROI (return on investment)
  • Helps streamline other online marketing campaigns.
Can the SEO campaign align with a marketing plan?

If there is already an online marketing strategy, the SEO optimization campaign of the site can be integrated into it. If there is no online marketing campaign, you will have to think of a marketing plan and then integrate the SEO campaign.

Is the achievement of SEO objectives guaranteed?

We rely on 11 years of experience in the field of SEO, on the statistics of the campaigns carried out and on the most current and professional SEO tools we work with. We guarantee our clients professionalism, transparency and a special attention to detail.

How much does an SEO optimization campaign cost?

We believe in differentiation. For us, every SEO promotion and optimization campaign is unique, every client is different! Thus, all our proposals are customized and adapted to the needs of our clients.

7 Reasons to Start an Optimization Campaign with STORM SEO Agency!

  • We did over 700 SEO optimization campaigns
  • We have incredible results for competitive words
  • We benefit from a high-performance SEO infrastructure
  • We create relevant content with a team of creative copywriters
  • The technical team consists of dedicated SEO specialists
  • 11 years experience in SEO and online sales campaigns
  • Permanent monitoring and total transparency of the campaigns

Request an offer of SEO services

SEO website optimization is one of the most valuable competitive advantages of a company. Rather than gaining leading positions on certain keywords, the SEO process forces us to align our business / business with the high standards set by Google and other search engines and most importantly to adapt to the growing demands. demanding of our customers.
Now, since you have surely convinced yourself of the importance of the SEO optimization process, all you have to do is start outperforming your competitors and choose the offer of seo services from StormSEO Team.

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